Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting in My Exercize

Without a lot of verbiage, I shot these today on the way back from lunch.  I think from time to time I need to try a make something interesting from relatively nothing. We have an old Masonic Temple that was converted into a Theater and Bowling Alley and as I left the grill within the Bowling Alley, I spent 10 minutes, doing this exercise.  Me and my iPhone.

This is how I got there.   Got it figured it out.

I shot this into the gold chrome lid of a trash can sitting inside the door. You can see the black iPhone and my hands reflected in the dome of the trash can.

One more thing, I am certainly not the first person to shoot up into a winding stair case.  As I think about it, as a freshmen in Photography 101, I shot up into a Forrest Range's observation tower and that was in 1964. I think maybe Charley Sheen recently shot up in a stairway.


LaurieASK said...

And here for a moment I thought you climbed the stairs- but no, like any good photographer- stand in one place and spin around- something I did in 3rd grade.

Jerry Tovo said...

Hey, at my age it's the closest thing to a high I can do anymore.