Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends beget Friends beget...

Regular followers of this blog will remember not too long ago I had a post of a friend of the family, Emily, and Emily allowed herself to be my temporary muse in an effort to build a small portfolio for a new project I had begun.  Afterwords, Emily's friend expressed her unbiased opinion in favor of our efforts.  When Em told me of her positive delight, I suggested we invite her to follow suit. Well, Maggie didn't consider herself material for the cause and she wasn't going to have any of it. I went back to Emily and while discussing my options and she happened to mention that Maggie possessed a full head of curly, very curly, red hair. I'm a sucker for redheads.

Now challenged by her resistance I doubled my effort and enlisted Emily to help. Sufficed to say, we won.

A couple of evenings ago Maggie came over to see if I could indeed do what I had claimed.

Now, I guess you're thinking, if you love red hair so much, why the Black and White image.  Well, dangit, because I like it. 

I would have never thought to do anything but glorify her amazing hair color but in this case I think it works well. Do not despair because we have many captures of her tresses in full living color.  

I guess at this time I must say that we spent a good deal of time shooting with her hair down and fluffing it and shaking it and pretty much abusing it and when it was all said and done, my favorite image turned out to be this one, with her hair up.


Here's another thing.  I got so caught up with the whole curly red hair theme, I hadn't even considered she also possess these amazing eyes and a very pleasant smile.

Thanks Maggie and Emily, it was fun.

All right, by popular demand, I'm adding a third image with her locks in full glory.

Rock Goddess


LaurieASK said...

It is amazing how the addition of vibrant color immediately changes my visual perception of her- the black & white is elegant and sophisticated while the color (esp. the last one) is funny and so much more youthful-

Jason David said...

Jerry, I'm a friend of Maggie's. I think that your work is absolutely amazing and you simply dominate photography.

If you're interested in exchanging services in order to increase your exposure (pun!), I'd like to help you. Feel free to email me ( for more info. Thanks!