Friday, August 22, 2008

Lest not we forget

The General and his Missus. I wish my memory of famous people were greater, for this wonderful woman reminds me of someone significant in world history. I'll keep them coming. Stay tuned.

Today in the Studio

"The General". Actually Lieutenant General Gill, who, at one time, was the second highest ranking officer in the Indian Army. The General is responsible in part for the procreation of my friend and landlord, Amrit Gill. When Amrit told me of his father a year or so ago, I was very impressed and anxious to meet him but I had no idea just how fascinated I would be. This is a face that photographers dream of shooting. There are many more images worthy of posting and I'll do that a bit later. Thank you General, for the opportunity to try and capture that spirit.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Goes without saying

The good news is, "Anyone can be elected President of the United Sates." The bad news is "Anyone can be elected President of the United States." Lewis Black

You're on

I'll bet Pete Rose gets inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, posthumously.