Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa_Not Santa

As a few might noticed, there has been little activity here on the blog for a couple of months.  Well, here's something.

I have been generating a mini gallery here in my building, taking advantage of a spot with excellent lighting and considerable foot traffic.  I try to change the show monthly but for the same reason as the inactive blog, the last exhibit did hang a bit longer than I wanted.  This months viewing is from a couple of older captures, however, they are significant to the season.

This one, titled, "Not Santa" is a good friend and artist, Larry Stark. When I first shot this, it struck me as near cousin to the Karsh portrait of Ernest Hemingway. Not to flatter myself but the tones and skin rendering somehow reminded me of that famous image.

Here, titled "Santa", is Warren Moellenhoff.  Warren is a rather official Santa in that he has worked for a very exclusive client base.  Not only does he look the part, Warren truly lives the part and does it year round.  He is always in character so as not to disappoint in the case of a chance happening with one of his small admirers.  That is not to say he dresses this way 365 days a year but he maintains the same demeanor throughout.