Wednesday, October 14, 2009


One of my all time favorite shooters, passed away this week, Irving Penn. Sadly there are fewer and fewer of my industry hero's left in this world. He may have been the most emulated photographer ever. If you look at the YouTube link below, you can see the style dozens of photographers have taken as there own. His work will always be held in reverence, may his soul rest in peace. 

Irving, say hey to my dad when you get there.

Irving Penn Photography

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coming soon...I hope

I feel, and it's been suggested several times, that my Portraits are very serious and highly regarded and sometimes the rest of the blog, diminishes their importance. So it is my best intention to separate the the Portraits and the Commercial, sometimes whimsical, portion of the blog, into two separate blogs. Please stay tuned and please visit both blogs.

That's Rich

So, I have this client and yes, his name is Rich. Well anyway, he stopped by to go over a project he has been working on and I couldn't help but see an opportunity to collect another portrait. An outstanding designer and architect, he just looked the part today. Luckily he did have some time for this highly impromptu session. I would normally not shoot the subjects watch as it tends to distract from the face and the eyes but this was one cool watch. He said it was an Italian Diver's watch and that only added to the intrigue. Anything, well, almost anything, Italian, has a great appeal to me. Especially Italian design. I'm not much of a watch guy but this one I would most definitely wear.

Friday, October 2, 2009

And the "Greenie" goes to...

Todays "Greenie" Award goes to Tony Gaddis and James Schwartz, for a great video they did on the website for The Saint Louis Fashion Week. Great little video clip. Very well done. I came across it while looking for the section on the website that featured Jeigh Singleton, a friend of mine, who is being given the Fashion Week Award for "Fashion Achievement". You might remember Jeigh from an earlier post. February 20th, to be more precise.
So congrats to Jeigh and our local guys for a job well done.
I'm jealous of course.