Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Morning Business Group

Every week for over 20 years the four of us extremely wise businessmen have gathered around a local greasy spoon (sometimes not) to discuss the opportunities the world may have presented us since last we met. Sometimes, maybe too often, we discuss politics. The lines are fairly evenly divided in that arena. Bob and I are the sensible clear thinkers of the four. Kip and Ed are not, usually. As you look at the image you'll notice "I look the best". That's because it's my camera and my blog. I'll let you all know if and when any of them get their own and you can see if they look any better. Yes, we have fun and most certainly support each other through the occasional times of crisis and despair.

My Latest Girlfriend

This is my newest gal friend, Ann. She is the mother of a couple of my best friends and will soon be 85. She allowed me the privilege of trying to capture her warm and wonderful spirit.

Seen here with the lamb from her children's early years, I'm not sure whom or what is the more gentle.

I must say, I thought I was going to have wrestle away a particular prop I have in the studio that she became very attached to.

It was an old settee that I had recovered and she was so enamored with it I could only promise to leave it to her in my will.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Pride

Up til now, most of the postings on this blog were fairly lightweight. However, this image represents the work that is closest to my heart. My black and white portraits reflect the inspirations with which I've grown up. They strike me as a combination of several of the past Masters of the Trade; Josef Karsh and Victor Skrebneski to name a few, the latter I consider a good friend having made an indelible impression on my psyche. It is not my intent to emulate or copy either of these great men but rather it is their soul within me that find its way onto my canvas. Fifteen years ago I would not have gone in this direction but with the advent of new technology and a renewed perspective that apparently comes with age; I find that this work comes quite easily to me now. The young man in this post is Marcel Salinas. At 95, he is the last living collaborator of Pablo Picasso. Initially a lawyer by trade, he transitioned to an apprentice lithographer and developed into a master of that art and then to a painter of significant repute in his own right. Now, failing in both sight and hearing, I try to find time to spend with him whenever possible. The man is a walking history book, from his birth in Alexandria, Egypt through his days with his friend Henri Cartier-Bresson. I have mixed emotions as to the best way to approach a portrait. Most of the time I think I would prefer to have some contact or conversation before I begin a session but in this case there was little said before the shutter began to click. I think the results were excellent and I fear that had I known much more beforehand I may have tried to steer his poses in a different direction. This was pure Marcel. If time will allow I want to schedule another sitting and see just how the results might change, now that we have come to know one another. Giving direction in this case is very difficult because his hearing has diminished so. I will post more from that first session as time goes by.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sister Act

Not having posted anything for a bit, I remembered how much I loved this image. It strikes me as a bit of a contemporary Mona Lisa. This lovely lady is the sister to the lady in the Red Gown. Another endorsement for good genes.