Monday, January 31, 2011

Place your Bets

I know not where to begin. Nearly 30 years ago, I somehow came across this beauty but I don't remember the circumstance. Then Betsy Bircher, she was a very tall, strikingly beautiful woman with a voice of an instrument that promised stardom. I won't try to elaborate on her career path but as fate would have it, Bets never really liked performing. I guess it was kinda like a young basketball player I was close to, that panicked at the thought of playing in front of arenas of sport fans. Maybe not.

Betsy and I recently had a reunion that was long over due. At 53, she is as striking as ever and her pipes are clear and true and used mainly these days to wow Christian listeners wherever she sings.

We talked a lot of late and I think she is in a mode to be likened to a Dianna Krawll, soothing sweet jazz tones accompanied by her fingers dancing on the keys of her piano.  She feels the call but hesitates to revert to the late night hours and of being out of sync with her family which includes 2 young men and a husband and parents tip toeing toward the autumn of their life.

This image was an interesting miss hit.  We were shooting very quickly and the focus didn't quite ring true but the expression of happiness and the heartwarming smile convinced me to try to make something worthwhile from what I had.  I love it and like Molly in the previous post, it lifts my spirits and warms my heart.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh So Molly

My buddy here in my studio building is an accountant and his name is Steve.  One day recently I walked in and interpreted him, as I have a want to do, and for the first time, noticed an 8X10 framed portrait of this cute little 18 year old girl hanging on his wall.  It was Steve's daughter, Molly. Steve had talked about her on occasion but I didn't realize she was so cute.  Well, I jumped on the opportunity to appeal to his fatherly pride and asked if she would want to come in someday and bemuse me for a while.(that's not dirty, is it?)  I had motive in that she would fit nicely into a project that I have been working on and I just love shooting beautiful faces.

Molly was a joy, part ham, part actress, she had no problem settling in to the groove of posing.  We shot many many frames that day but this one got to the father in me. When I sent Steve a copy by eMail, I reminded him that as a parent nothing makes us happier than seeing our children laugh.  Sure the toddler giggle is all but gone but the delight and joy in their expression is priceless.

This picture makes me happy.  It makes me smile.  I feel lighter just looking at it.

Thanks Molly.