Sunday, May 17, 2009

A fish tale I'll never lie about

So, after a crazy week at the studio, I finally got to take my youngest granddaughter fishing. She had asked to go at the end of last year and I never found the time to do it. Well now, I committed to this past weekend and even though the weather looked
bleak at first, I was determined not to let this opportunity slip by. My joy was sidled a bit by the remembrance of when I took my two young boys fishing for the first time. We had a friend whose farm pond was loaded with large mouth bass. It was a day none of us will forget. We hooked several gargantuan bass right off the bat. (Well, they seemed to be gargantuan at the time). They ranged from one to six pounds. I digress a bit. The first was in the 5 lb range and I was frantic to get a picture of the boys holding it. Who would have guessed this opportunity would be so traumatic? I think the quote was "Please dad, don't make me hold it, you're gonna ruin my whole day!" Well, I have that picture and it has surfaced many a time for that special occasion. Keeping that in mind I anticipated any number of emotions from Jess, and wouldn't have placed a bet on which it would be. I think once she refused to even carry the worms, I knew there was a good chance of a repeat.
We pick the perfect spot, I assembled the bamboo pole, a grandpa pole is what her and her daddy called it, baited the tiny hook with the first of many big ol' night crawlers we had dug out of the garden. You could tell her emotions were running
amuck. So we lob out the first worm and bright new bobber with instructions to pull up the pole if she saw the bobber go under. I turned to get the second rig ready and I heard the delight in her voice, "Grandpa, help!" "You got one Jess, pull it in." " You do it grandpa, please!" "Oh, OK Jess but you have to do the next one." I pulled it up and she screamed and giggled a giggle that sounded of joy and apprehension, pride and fear, delight and worry. It was a sound, a giggle, that a grandpa will never forget. Now, the big moment. "Jess", I said, "hold your fish while grandpa takes your picture." Déja vu. "NO, no don't make me hold it!" "Just hold the bobber then." "No No No, you hold it." None the less, it was something really special. All in all, she caught 10 less than gargantuan sunfish and we both walked back to the car, full of pride and accomplishment.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Apologies, but commerce has gotten in the way of my usual blog schedule.

Please check back in a week or two.