Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Page One

Some years ago I did an exhibit of my work that was Italian Design as Art.  In that assemblage were some figure studies in color using a Red leather chair as the centerpiece of the image.  I have thought for sometime that I'd like to do a reprise of sorts, in Black and White, using a different chair.

Recently I began an exploration of light and style for this new work. I really didn't have any expectation of getting to a formula right off the bat.  I did have a basic idea and wanted the figures to have this sheen to emphasize the the highlights that would basically trace the contour of the shapes.

Well, I'm surprised and delighted that I was able to get right into the feel I was hoping for.

Next, I'll need to see if I can keep the continuity for the remainder of the images.  Maybe the continuity isn't as important as I originally thought.  We'll see.
I'm scouting for additional models of differing genders and body types.  Rubenesque and lithe are key to this project.

Perhaps "very old" would work but I wouldn't want to intrude on Joyce Tennesen's style.

I'm open to thoughtful suggestions as to models.


Anonymous said...

Interesting highlights of the contour of her body, ranging away from her breast and curving down to her foot. Also, the striking highlight on her right calf is quite fragile. I'd be interested in how you lit the scene? Also, could you have processed/and or lit this any different to get a brighter highlight of the curve from her waist down to her left foot?

Jerry Tovo said...

I can see where you are going with that suggestion and
I have taken a look at that very thing and I think it becomes too contrived looking.

Thanks for your thought.