Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Near Disaster

Yesterday, I invited an old friend to sit for a portrait.  Rob is his name and he is an extremely talented artist who specializes in surfaces.  Faux paint and textural manipulation if you would.  Rob has been the go to guy here for years and one of the most pleasant folks you'll ever meet.  Rob's link

Come time to start the session and everything feasible went wrong; camera, computer, lights and cords, failing at an amazing rate.  I couldn't figure which to address first.  To top that off, I had decided to try out a new pair of glasses that I had made at the V.A.   My god, everything was key stoning and finding the right space in the progressive lens seemed an impossible task. The trick is to remain calm and act like you have everything under control, not that difficult for the experienced shooter...if you can see.

Luckily Rob found some reason to excuse himself and give me a chance to regroup.

Once we finally got started, things went very well. He has a great facial structure with a strong jaw and chin. If it weren't in my nature to mature most subjects beyond their age, he looks years younger than he is.

Thanks Rob for your patience and willingness to stick around through my disaster.

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