Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Apple a Day

So I'm sitting in the Apple Retail store here in St Louis and sitting next to me is this photograph waiting to happen. As I get older I have no hesitation to speak to total strangers, especially if they have photographic beauty at their behest.

Maybe it was a grasp at some retribution for the inconvenience I had incurred while dealing with the repair of my otherwise dependable Mac Pro. She was dressed in fairly normal seasonal attire but her hair and make-up shouted pin-up girl or at least a retro 40's style. Without so much as a hesitation, I introduced myself and asked if I could properly photograph her.  I guess she must have been in a similar state of mind, because she quickly accepted my invitation. 

She had been in a pin-up frame of mind for a while and recently changed her style to a 40's look. At any rate, she was indeed an image waiting to be captured.

She showed up at the studio less than a week later and was prepared to make her mark as a would be subject. We shot for several hours and we still had more options to explore. She worked to the camera very well for an amateur model and was willing to accept direction and encouragement with out skipping a beat.

Normally a new model lacks in hair and make-up experience, hers was as good as anyone could have expected, especially her hair.  

We'll pick this up again in a couple of weeks after I make my way through some others projects of significant importance.


Lisa said...

I love it! :) Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I like the second one better than the first. It just looks like how she should always look. Pretty!


Anonymous said...

the difference is a surprise.
I'm coming in your studio.
I'm not photogenic

Kiss for you Sonia ....