Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out...Standing, Out...Rageous...

This is Marc Hauser.  For years now, he has been one of the absolute top names in Portraiture in this country.  I've said this before but his life is a book waiting to be written.  It's just that I'm not writing it here. 

On my recent trip to Chicago I imposed on Marc to sit for me.  It almost never happened because a recent accident left him at the mercy of decent transportation that would allow for his crushed leg to be properly maneuvered without distress. 

I don't know if his injury or something else prevented him from really letting go but I felt he was holding back.  I have seen him perform antics that would embarrass most people, just to get a rise out of his subject.  As I browsed his Face Book pages, I saw many a zany, crazed, totally loose Marc Hauser but none of that was available the day we shot.

I'll be the first to admit, this isn't my best work, maybe I was a little intimidated by his superiority. 

Personally, I think he should charge people to meet with him. He can be the most off the cuff person you might ever meet.  A showman and an eccentric, he still commands the room.  On the other hand, if you ever catch him in a quiet moment, he can be as sweet as anyone.

I'm grateful that he gave me an audience and his patience, though I hope someday we can reprise this opportunity on a day when his full personality is in bloom.

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Anonymous said...

I thought YOU were the greatest portraitist. Francois