Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh No...Thank You

One of the main reason I took the job with Kodak Profession, a few moons ago, was the prospect of dealing with students and educators, and in this man, I hit the Mother-load.

Peter LeGrand has been the principle photo educator at the prestigious Colombia College in Chicago for longer than he cares to admit. He has steered more young people into and away from careers in Photography that I can begin to count.  He is himself a photographer and artist of no small acclaim. Teaching workshop in France and around for many a year.

I tease him sometimes because of his age and his stubbornness to retire, when in fact I only hope that at 72, I have just the smallest hope of hope to look as young and healthy as he.

The odd thing about this session was that he was so grateful to have me shoot his image and it was I who was honored to be doing it. 

Thank you Peter, my dear friend. 

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