Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old Friends New Music


Not long ago I ran into an old friend and former model, well not so former model, she still works when her family and career will allow. We talked and I mentioned that I got frustrated at times that when an inspiration hits, subjects are not always readily available.  Seeing as how we worked well together years ago, she seemed thrilled at the possibility we could collaborate on new projects together.  When her time allowed of course.

This time I was excited about a series of images to pitch to a client and she was ideally suited for the challenge. We shot for a couple of hours and in the process, I got sidetracked experimenting with video along with the stills.  The videos are definitely a work in progress but the stills turned out beautifully. The videos unfortunately ate up too much time, seeing as I am fairly inept with the process. We had many more ideas that we never even approached, so another day we'll forge ahead with those.

In this image you can see why I'm not a professional fashion stylist.  When show time comes, we'll have the right person there to make this sing.

Thanks Melissa.

We are experiencing a major metamerism issues on this post. The color really over saturates on some screen and settles in nicely on others.

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LaurieASK said...

She epitomizes grace and elegance and the photos simply serve to augment her beauty