Friday, April 29, 2011

and Last but Not Least

Finally, the guilt is being lifted from my shoulders.  This is Steve Hoke and he is the last of the portraits I shot on location last summer.  Steve is the musical partner of David Eakin, seen in the previous post.

I am ashamed on two counts. 

One, it took me sooo long to finish out this project and that's just bad form and unprofessional, but it has happened more than I care to mention.  No sooner do I launch into a personal project and the phone begins to ring with real jobs. 

Two, it's been such a while, I don't have a great recollection of Steve and his life story. Unforgivable. 

Having said that, look at this face and tell me what you see.  I have already hinted that he is musician.  What else might you discern from this face?

Thank you to all those who have helped in this project, I truly appreciate it and Sallie, I'll give you plenty of notice the next time so we can sit down and have dinner with Sally Mann.


James Pannabecker said...

Our phone's been ringing off the hook with requests for appointments. What should I tell them?

Jerry Tovo said...

Call my people. They will handle all the request.