Thursday, August 30, 2018

Do I or do I not?

I have been encouraged to ramp up this blog and it's something that I have considered before.

The question I ask myself is, do I do it looking for validation or just to look for some validation? Yes, that's how my mind works or doesn't, these days.

I hate to admit that most of my current work percolates out of my eyePhone.  In the past, I would promise myself to always carry a camera with me and from that I found, nothing interesting ever seemed to materialize when I did.  

I spent quite some time researching a really good smallish camera and finally settled on the Sony RX100 III.  A great little camera it is, with a fast lens, usable zoom, and an eye-level viewfinder for sunny days when the rear EVF is hard to see. It's small in my hands so I added an aftermarket grip and now it suits my wants just fine.
Maybe just for this post, I'll throw in some eyePhone images just to see what feedback, not validation, I might receive.

As I type this, I'm wondering who might even see this since I've been quite a while away from this blog. The people who had been following have likely lost sight of it.

I had a momentary impulse to travel and photograph what I found that fell under the category of "What Time Has Left Behind" but then I came to realize that 90% of all photographers look for old run down properties in hopes of making art. 

This is from Cairo, Illinois. (pronounced kay row)

Cairo is the furthermost southern city in Illinois and ran amuck when the highway system changed and diverted 98% of all traffic.  Interesting images to me but not enough to cause to me see past the common denominator of those other photographers.  BTW, if you're interested in owning property there, they have an unlimited supply for only $465 per.

Let me cogitate on this to see if I'm motivated to move forward. 

("Forward" is one of my pet peeves and now commonly overused and/or redundant.) 

  Ooops,  these are not eyePhone images or Sony R100 but stand-by.

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